Art Design College(Mathias International Design College)

Art Design College(Mathias International Design College)

Introduction to the College

Chongqing Jiaotong University Design Discipline was initially founded in early 2000s, specially appointed Prof. Gerhard Mathias, a tenured professor of artfromKassel University in Germany and an internationally renowned design educator, as the leader of the discipline. With the German Bauhaus modern design system as the basis for professional education combined the actual situation of Chinese design and education, the college keeps developing and growing with innovation and creativity.


On this basis, Chongqing Jiaotong University Art and Design College, sets up  three departments,includingenvironment design, visual communication design and product design, and adhere to the fundamental task ofeducationwith virtue cultivation, the project-led innovative talent training model and the path of university-enterprise coordinated education. At present, the college focuses on cultivating the “infrastructure and art ” composite talents needed by national major transportation projects and the teaching requirements of Ministry of Education's new engineering education, and actively promote the "transportation and art" cross-integration of disciplines to cultivate seniorcomposite design talents with professional knowledge of both fields of engineering technology and art aesthetics.


The traditional advantages of transportation engineering disciplines such as bridge construction and the characteristics of art design disciplines are combined, and cross-disciplinary experts and scholars at home and abroad are hired to build international joint research centers for bridge art aesthetics, "infrastructure and art" cross-disciplinary joint science and technology creation center, bridge art aesthetics virtual simulation laboratory and other platforms are built for interdisciplinary education;

On the other hand, to carry out university-enterprise co-education, the college cooperated with the China Cross Highway Planning and Design Institute, Chongqing Expressway Group and other well-known enterprises. By the means of cooperating with the China Cross Road Planning and Design Institute, settingup "master studio" with Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Chief Designer Meng Fanchao , the college has an extensive cooperation in teaching, scientific research, internship, employment and other fields around “bridge and art”, “highway service areas and art”, “urban engineering and art”.

Since the establishment of the College, it actively participated in the "Belt and Road", transportation power strategy, rural revitalization strategy, poverty relief task, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Great Bay Area development and construction, Chengdu and Chongqing two-city economic circle construction; The college also organized students to make inter-disciplinary teams to take part in various competitions and contests, such as Transportation Conference and The World University Student Bridge Design Competition, the National University Students "Mao Yisheng Public Welfare Bridge - Small Bridge Project", the Highway Service Area Innovation and Creativity Competition, the National Beauty Exhibition, the Chinese University Students Advertising Art Competition, China International Luggage Design Competition and other high-level professional competitions, and continue to achieve good results. Among them, the interdisciplinary joint team (art, civil engineering and architecture) students won the 2019 World University Bridge Design Competition double first prizes, the National University Students "Mao Yisheng public welfare bridge - small bridge project" design competition double special prizes, in which the grade and number of prizes has set a new record. The college alsocreated a new engineering integration design experimental class based on subject integration and university-enterprise collaboration which was selected as the sole representative of “Double-hundred Plan University-enterprise Cooperation ” Chongqing Undergraduate University in 2019 for the 54th China Higher Education Expo".


In recent years, the college's "infrastructure and art" composite talent training concept and model in the country has produced a good demonstration role and social influence, effectively broaden the employment channels, employment areas and employment quality of graduates. The college not only specially signeduniversity-enterprise cooperation agreements on the theme of "infrastructureand art" with the Sino-Cross Highway Planning Institute, Chongqing Expressway Group, China Municipal Southwest Design Institute, Sichuan Province Road Planning Survey and Design Research Institute, Yunnan Provincial Institute of Highway Science and Technology and a number of other well-known enterprises, directed to transport outstanding talent for these enterprises, but also continually send "traffic and art" graduates from 2017 to enter the field of transportation industry, the major state-owned enterprises, China Railway, China Railway, China Construction, China and other units which have a good influence on the industry.