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2017-05-27 14:06   审核人:

指导教师:时新 | Xin SHI


<3 Dimension Formation> is experimental and design foundation studies,it is a starting point of 3D design, a bridge for a layman to gain professional knowledge and skills, and it is a crucial phase in terms of the cultivation of basic design attitude and working method.

The course offers an approach to learn design fundamental concepts in studio production while emphasizing process, experimentation and critical thinking and making skills. In other words, creativity is best developed by exercises.

This semester the course consists of 4 design tasks: 1.Learn from nature, abstract form-making exercise; 2.Build a sphere from identical elements; 3.Special form design exercise; 4.The product language or ergonomics exercise.

The students entering industrial design always feel confused rather than excited about this method of studio learning which is so different than what they have been used to in high school. They often feel lost in the endless form or structure-making assignments without knowing clearly about their purposes and criteria. These students were told that in the class they were expected to immerse themselves in thinking and making their work, and this was really the design experience. It is typical that a designer can design a good product but cannot easily tell in words how he or she did it.

"Observation-Perception-Reflection-Making-Critique" --the core of what I taught in the class, which was also a process for innovation.

天为 同学


Three Dimension Formation is based on pure or abstract form, and explores more reasonable and perfect pure form. It combines perceptual and rational unity, and conceives the ideal form according to visual effect. We learn it and re examine what beauty is.

胡金瑞 同学


When you start to think about a piece of work and perfect it, your creation is full of meaning. I think I find the essence of the solid composition, which is felling the order and beauty the work gives you.

雷雨晴 同学


I used to think that designing is far away from me, until I began to study this course. In the process of learning, I have always had fear in my heart, thinking that designing is something too remarkable to be within my power. But fear is the greatest motivation, it drives me to do my best to achieve every design assignment, and makes me realize that I am not a genius, so I have to try harder. Every time when I advance my work again and again, the design thinking is gradually cultivated during the process that require both my brain and hands. When I see the harmonious form and the mutual echos in my work, I realize that the I knowledge I learn have subtly influenced and modified them. Finally, this course has come to its end, and I understand all the hard work has been paid back. So, we new designers must continue to trying to realize the design in our heart.

何艳蓝 同学


In my understand,three-dimensional is a design which designs the sense of space for objects. This course leads us form graphic design to space design. My opus is a ball which consists of planar haplont. By my design,The haplont is transformed into a aesthetically pleasing entity in space.



Before learning three-dimensional composition, always feel that this course is very simple and easy to learn. But when this semester began to contact this course only to find anything have a certain logic, even seemingly very messy things. From the beginning to draw design sketches to start operations, every step has a profound experience. Especially the last form of homework, let me understand this subject more.



"3 Dimension Formation " this course is more complex than "plane composition", the requirement of practical ability is higher, and more importantly, communication between classmates and classmates, classmates and teachers is essential. My own foundation in this area is very weak, so I hit a lot of wall when I took this course. The teacher more than once on my homework to make pointing, at first I didn't quite understand the teacher's intentions, but the teacher gave me a suggestion: see more of the students' works, and more exchanges with students. So my every job is through my own thinking, constantly repeated, and constantly try. In this assignment, I have chosen several pictures which I am more satisfied with, and I want to show them for you.

林枫 同学


Through the study of 3 Dimension Formation course. I benefit a lot from it. Three-dimensional constitution is a basic course for all students who study design. It studies the three-dimensional space through points, lines and planes, trained our spatial imagination ability and let us build a three-dimensional form of beauty through our professional knowledge. As an industrial design student, I have learnt more aesthetic knowledge on product design from this course which increases my awareness of the product design.

曾一鸣 同学


After eight weeks of 3 Dimension Formation of study, I not only by his habit of thinking to think about understanding the meaning of modelling, I began to think about a lot of things we don't see. We this class is not representational concept to create three-dimensional effect, when I first started special can't accept such idea, but with the development of teacher curriculum and the communication of the classmate, we gain more and more.

黄清波 同学


Through two months of 3 Dimension Formation of learning this course, harvest quite a lot to me. This is a great design in terms of basic subject, pay attention to the relationship between human and nature, will be able to train with different materials to express the theme of the beginning ability. During this period of theoretical study and hands-on practice, their ability and observation ability are improved to a certain extent, the early stage of the depth of understanding of modelling in the process of making is not very in place, through unceasingly in the teacher's explanation and again and again to improve the final also hold more in place. Believe that the next design can make a big help.

谭俊 同学


As a mild ocd patients, for their own use product has very picky, choice of industrial design is also hope I can buy on the market to meet the demand of their use of products. The various exercises of "3 Dimension Formation " make me understand the importance of spatial ability and the position of formal beauty principle in design. As a beginner, I expect to be able to pull out the characters soon. In the future, I will provide some satisfactory products for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

谭筑莹 同学


A lot of times I found the right course after I set out.

肖寒雨 同学


In the process of completing my task, I figured that a designer should harmonize the relationship among people, objects and spaces. To be a designer, you have to shape your own senses as a designer, see various things, and accept different values to cultivate a full sensibility. And there's still a long way to go for us to creat a mature work to show the audiences our inner world as a designer.

兴悦 同学


Growing up in study, practicing in growing up.

余琳 同学


During the course of this half semester, we learned a lot of things. Every successful completion of the works can finally, go through ideas, sketches, and do the finished product process, and the formation of a variety of solutions, cannot leave a glimpse of some of the things in life and stay inspiration and ideas. So, it's true that writing comes from life.

唐永双 同学


3DimensionFormation of learning interest in its design, to improve my lesson in just eight weeks has trained me to stereo feeling and understand will contact plane between the two-dimensional three-dimensional 3 d, also learn to three-dimensional construction is not only a science, is an art.

周宏 同学


Small things, just like thousands of rivers leading to ocean ,are bound to make a big decision, which can lay the solid foundation for us to become a better designer.

恩明 同学


Three dimensional modeling combines aesthetic feeling and mechanics, exercise our aesthetic and the action ability. It is more advantageous to show the aesthetic feeling of the work by using the principle of composition. Have a good idea is to create the prerequisite for the good work, the second is to seriously to every part of creation, high to own request also can make high quality works.

振峰 同学


Three-dimensional construction is the study of how to three-dimensional modeling elements in three-dimensional space according to certain principles of combination to individualize the beauty of the three-dimensional shape of course, in the process of the completion of the entire course of every assignment from conception to practice is very important and precious, from a little bit of experience operating process, learn, learn to analysis, keep on trying to get a feeling.


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